With Raven Bhutan

At Raven Bhutan, we have a team working on a daily basis to make every tour to Bhutan special. We leave no stone unturned to give in our best. We love challenges and we pride ourselves in organizing all kinds of trips to Bhutan. From simple cultural tours to specialized bird-watching tours to marriage tours to luxury five star honeymoon tours, we deploy the best of local guides and specialize in providing all kinds of services.

We believe that we have to be the best to provide the best of services. We encourage our guests to test your imaginations to experience the most exotic of trips to Bhutan. If you want to propose to your life long girlfriend in Bhutan, we create the most romantic of conditions for you to go down on your knees.

If you want to undertake the most grueling of all treks in Bhutan like the arduous month long Snowmen Trek, we make sure that you leave with the best of services in Bhutan. At Raven Bhutan, we stand to deliver the best of services and we welcome your requests (of any kind) and after your stay in Bhutan we also welcome your recommendations, which are given special attention to ensure that we improve our services with every day.


At Raven Bhutan, we ensure that our clients get the best of services and during their stay in Bhutan, if our clients do wish; we organize charity drives to local charity organizations or to schools in Bhutan.

We take you to local charity organizations or schools where you can meet with local authorities and learn about local issues and problems. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we encourage charity drives and we are more than happy to felicitate charity drives.

Donation to disability organizations

We, at Raven Bhutan, believe that in small acts of kindness can change the world. In Bhutan, we have our own share of problems and we have disability institutes trying its best to make a difference. We believe that small donations from tourists can go a long way and we are more than happy to organize donation drives.


Bhutan is the last Vajrayana Buddhist country in the world and many tourists visit Bhutan to understand and experience Buddhism. In such a quest, tourists often want to experience meditation in the Buddhist way. We are more than happy to organize such meditation sessions with local Buddhist experts.

Special appointments and meetings

Our clients who visit Bhutan include people from all over the world and people with varying backgrounds. As such, it is only natural for you to want to meet local experts in Bhutan. We are more than happy to organize such special meetings and appointments. Please don’t limit your queries, for all you know, we may be able to set up the most difficult of appointments too.

Feel free to contact us at inquiry@ravenbhutan.com for more details.