Why the Bhutan is a Happiest Country on Planet

Ever woner how come Bhutan people more positive about life and live a happy life. The secret of the country has been revealed. It is a small mountainous country nestling in the laps of the Himalayas and is mainly surrounded by some of the largest countries of the world India and China. With so much development nearby still Bhutan is considered the world`s most poor country. But the question is “is it really poor”.

Happy Bhutanese

Most Happiest Place on Planet – Bhutan

If we look closer Bhutan is an amazing place in terms of Human Development where they do not have GDP as a marker of economy but GDH or gross domestic happiness as the marker of real development. Here is a list of reason which tells us why Bhutan is a happy country.

  1. They do not differentiate between rich and poor

Children are happy in Bhutan

This is amazing as the country is mostly populated by people of the same economic conditions and this makes almost everyone equal. People respect human labour and hard work and even the king contributed in national labour concerning jobs like planting and cleaning. This sets a mood of respect and makes people feel happier as people concentrate on living a normal life without competition to accumulate more and this reduces the amount of stress on their lives and helps them lead a much more satisfied and peaceful life.

  1. Closeness to nature and the preservation of it

Lovely view of Bhutan's nature

There is no doubt that Bhutan is also one of the most peaceful and beautiful places when it comes to nature. Each gorge, valley, mountain and riverside has been well preserves and the government makes it sure that the citizens maintain the standards of natural beauty. There are several natural trekking places like druk path and Laya Gasa which are not much modified by human. Half the country has been preserved as a natural forest reserve and also the animal and flora and fauna has been preserved in order to protect them from damage. The number of cars is very limited and fuel is also not very cheap so the pollution is also in check which makes the place serene and enjoyable. Even in agriculture the cultivation is majorly done through organic farming and this reduces the risk of environmental damage is even further. This has a direct impact on the lives of people who are able to breathe better, eat better   and live happily.

  1. Modernity is balanced with Spirituality

Bhutan Monk Spirituality

This is perhaps one of the most striking features of the Bhutanese people who are mostly Buddhists and are privileged to life which is governed by high principles. The Bhutani government makes it sure that the people of the country live a respectable life but are connected with spirituality and thus the king himself is connected and is often seen at temples and at lectures where Buddhist monks get together and discuss matters on spirituality and the connect with the real world.  This balance helps the people understand that true progress is not in accumulating wealth but is actually in helping people and enjoying life.

  1. Bhutan respect Human more than material things

bhutanese man

In Bhutan human being is considered as one of the highest beings created by God and thus they always see to it that humans live a dignified life. Despite being poor in terms of monetary accumulation Bhutan does not allow engaging porters for mountaineers without the permission of the administration. Also tourists are not permitted to use any labour services of any Bhutanese citizen for things that are not approved by the government. Also Bhutanese people concentrate on accumulating happiness rather than means of comfort.

  1. They are protected from distractions and engage in human collectiveness

People of Bhutan

In this modern age too the citizens of Bhutan have limited options when it comes to cinematic and televised entertainment. This saves them from being distracted and closing in as a society.  Bu it doesn’t mean that there is no internet connection of cinema hall. Instead they get out and meet one another and this makes the bond between people even stronger.  Apart from this they also share music and dance which keeps the cultural traditions alive and lets the citizens enjoy life better.

  1. Bhutanese are well rested

Bhutanese children

This is an amazing fact but 2 out 3 Bhutnaese people are able to take full 8 hour sleep as their work and professions allow them to enjoy the well earned shut eye. Being less industrialized and less of corporate culture helps people earn a dignified living without having to compromise on sleep, pleasure life and others factors of life. Thus this also adds up to the higher happier life style of the people.

Bhutan may be small but it is definitely a powerful country when it comes to happiness and is also a world leader in the same terms.