Visa to Bhutan

Travel RequirementsGetting a visa to Bhutan isn’t as difficult as one may think. Once you confirm your tour package with the established and licensed tour operator like us, you’ll be required to deposit the cost for the package and flight.

After receiving the payment for the trip, either advance or full payment we will then ask for a scanned copy of the passport via email.

The passport copy needs to be vividly clear and need to be more than 6 months valid from the date of the travel.

We will then process the visa two weeks prior to your trip. It takes minimum three working days to get the visa approved.

Once approved we will then send you the paper visa via email as well as the paper flight ticket.

You will then just have to bring your valid passport, visa copy and flight ticket along with your packed luggage.

Please refer to our following link to see the sample visa and flight ticket that you will receive from us.