TsirangTsirang (Altitude: 400 – 2000 meters above sea level)

Tsirang district is located in the south-center of Bhutan. One could experience multi-ethic cultural traditions in the district. The population is the mixture of people Nepali origin and people from the northern parts of the country who resettled there. The Hindu and Buddhist culture and tradition coexist in the district. It is also known for high quality oranges. Tsirang oranges make much sought-after gifts. Tsirang has also become a district where commercial organic farming is practiced. Tsirang meets much of the capital city’s vegetable demand. Like some of the districts in the country, Tsirang remains unexplored by tourists. You might like to take the road that is less travelled by and experience that others miss.

Late fall is an ideal time to visit this district. A lot of marriages take place and the communities would be immersed in jubilation. And some major Hindu festivals such as Diwali and Dussera are celebrated. You will be welcome by the people to join them in celebrations.

You could also undertake birding tour, hike thorough villages and experience farmhouse stay.