TrongsaTrongsa ( Altitude: 2200m /7260ft above sea level)

Before the establishment of Bhutan’s hereditary monarchy in 1907, the country was practically ruled by Trongsa Penlop (Governor). It is the central home of the Royal family of Bhutan. The father of the first king of Bhutan worked at Trongsa Dzong as a courtier and rose to the rank of Penlop.

The significance of Trongsa is still alive, as every Crown Prince of Bhutan has to be enthroned as the Trongsa Penlop before assuming the Golden Throne as the King of Bhutan. Trongsa is also a home to a rare and vanishing ethic group known as Monpas. Historical sources point out that this ethic groups were some of the first inhabitants of Bhutan. While at Trongsa, you could visit the Trongsa Dzong and your guide will explain to you the other historical and political significance of this fortress.

Those of you interested in culture and religion will be able to witness the practice of both Buddhism and Bonism in Trongsa. And those interested in craftsmanship will see a variety of handicrafts made of bamboo and cane. The sale of such handicrafts is a source of livelihood for many local people.

Our guests who are nature lovers will have a feast at Trongsa. One of the biggest national parks called the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park is located in the district. At the Park you will be able to see wildlife species like musk deer, Himalayan black bear, red panda, and tiger, among others. Lastly, Trongsa is also an ideal site for birding.