Tourist attractions in Bhutan

Black-necked cranes

Bhutan is home to a rare and endangered species of black-necked cranes that migrate all the way from Tibet during summer and back again in winter. One can go to Phobjikha, where the Black necked cranes dwell, either bike riding, cycling, in a car or even trekking. It’s indeed a rare and appealing sight. It’s not just the cranes here but the valley itself is a great delight.



Temples and Monasteries

Temples and monasteries are a part and parcel of Bhutan and the Bhutanese. Every temple and a monastery boast of its own piety and sacredness.

Apart of these, Thimphu boasts the tallest statue of Buddha Doderma, standing at a height of  51.5 meters. And Druk Wangyel chortens, a collection of 108 chortens at Dochula, a pass between Thimphu and Wangduephodrang.



Bike Rides

It’s not simply a ride. It’s a ride over snaky and narrow roads carved out on a ragged mountain terrain which keeps ascending and descending over hills and valleys. At times it’s ride over snow filled roads over great heights.




Rafting and Kayaking

As with rides, rafting and kayaking in the Bhutanese rivers are equally challenging and mind blowing. The rivers are most of the time harsh and run over deep narrow valleys, suitable for the sports. These sports are mostly carried out in Punakha.


Scenic Beauty

Above all, it’s its beauty of naturalness and purity of environment that the country possesses. One can feel it in the very air, the moment one lands in Bhutan. It’s largely also owing to its geographical location. There’s beauty in every season and every road you take. The beauty of rhododendrons in spring flung over the hills and road sides, of golden hue of the rice fields in summer, of red apple orchards in autumn and of snow laden mountains and trees and branches in winter.


Farm House Visit

Real Bhutan is rural Bhutan. And farm visits are a share of our itinerary. We also offer our guests time to spent at the farm with the households and explore more about rural areas.




Archery Match

It’s not just during situational coincidence that our guests get to join a match of archery, we also arrange for archery matches with the locals. Besides, archery has a different face and taste in Bhutan. There’s a lot of culture in it.





Festivals are another happenings in the country throughout the year; the most popular one being the tshechu and domchoe that’s conducted in every region of the country. One also gets to witness and join in the celebration of New Year of different regions and different communities which fall on different months and seasons of the year.



Hikes and Trekkings

Hikes and trekkings are one expedition that provides ample grounds for exploring Bhutan and her hidden treasures in the form of mountains, valleys, monasteries, flora and fauna, vegetation, and etc.






There’s nothing worth valuing like camping in the mountains and valleys and rivers and their hosting environment of Bhutan.


GNH Talk

We also organize talks on GNH and GNH in Bhutanese context for our interested guests.