Nepal – Tibet – Bhutan Tours

Explore the diversity within the Himalayan states; of cultures, religions, customs and the life styles. Also experience the drive over ever rockiness and instable mountainous terrain. Unlike in Bhutan and Nepal, experience the dryness that prevails in The Tibetan plateau, owing to its geographical location in the rain shadow of the Hiamlayas.

One would feel the resonance of the trumpets of monasteries and red robes of monks as one flies from one of these countries to another, and the never seeming to end windy and snaky stretch of roads and paths.

Visits to rural Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet to give our guests the real glimpse of this part of the world, is part of our itinerary. With all the tours and trekking having undertaken, with every glimpse captured, these worlds leave one wanting to see and feel more of what mother earth has ever to offer.

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