Sharon Devine, Simply Devine Homestays in Gamboa

My endorsement:


Raven Tours provided a very thorough tour of Bhutan.  Most of the hotels were good and some of them were excellent with a spa and wonderful massages and courteous staff.  The roads in Bhutan are under development and are built by human hands and enormous effort.  Until more are paved, the roads are very bumpy.  The drivers are extremely courteous and skilled.  Best to request an SUV or van with the best ride available.  The fresh asparagus, potatoes and other vegetables were delicious. The monasteries and mountains and life style are “out of our world”.  Bhutan is a treasure in the world today.  The concept of Gross National Happiness and the citizens loyalty to the King to participate in this plan for Bhutan is commendable.  I recommend that travelers visit Bhutan and use Raven Tours for a trip of a lifetime.  I would like to revisit in five or ten years.


I would have liked to have lingered at some of the holy sites and perhaps had fewer long drives and more time to sit and meditate in some of the special areas we visited.  The agenda was aggressive.


Sharon Devine
Simply Devine Homestays in Gamboa
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