PhuentsholingPhuentsholing is a bustling town and is referred to as the gateway to Bhutan. It is the commercial hub of the country. It is the biggest border town in Bhutan with the highest volume of cross-border trade than other border towns like Gelephu or SamdrupJongkhar. It borders the Indian state of West Bengal and the vibrant Indian town of Jaigaon has also been expanding as it caters mainly to the Bhutanese residents.

The town came into prominence in the 1960s as Bhutan opened its door to the outside world and modernization began. The first national road network in the country connected this town to capital Thimphu up north. Ever since, trade with India only increased and Phuentsholing became a natural transit town and the most important commercial hub for Bhutan.

In the heart of the town is a park, which has a three-storey Buddhist temple – Zangdopelri. It was from this area that the town sprouted in the 1960s. There is another popular Buddhist temple about two kilometers uphill drive from the town. The town has two movie theaters and many entertainment centers. A popular attraction is the Norgay Crocodile Breeding Farm, which is home to two extinct species, the Maggar and the Gharial. The two species are today found only in captives. The farm was established in 1981.