ParoParo (Altitude: 2280m/ 7524ft above sea level)

Paro is one of the oldest and biggest towns in Bhutan. It was a home to Bhutan’s national leaders. If you fly into Bhutan, it is the first town you will get to see. It is popularly known as the rice bowl of Bhutan. The famous temple hemmed in the sheer cliff called Paro Taktshang (tiger’s Nest) is in Paro. You will also get to visit the National Museum of Bhutan. Paro is also a cultural heartland of Bhutan. The place has a lot of historical and religious sites: monasteries that have legacies that boast of its origination from Guru Rinpoche, the Second Buddha. And Dzongs (fortresses) that bear the symbol of Bhutanese warriors of the 15th century. Many of the famous treks in Bhutan start from Paro such as Druk Path Trek, Jumolhari Trek, Laya-Gasa Trek and Snow Man Trek. It also boasts of providing services for ardent adventures such as camping, biking, motor biking and self-driving. Paro is also famous for its festival (ParoTshechu), home stays, farmhouses, villages, orchids and birds.

A ride from Paro to Thimphu along its meandering roads and the cool and soothing river valley air is truly refreshing.