MongarMongar (Altitude 1690m/5575ft above sea level)

Mongar is a hub of the eastern region of the country. In earlier times, it enjoyed a strategic importance in the governance system. Known as Zhongar before, it shares borders with other eastern districts. Not many tourists would visit this district before because of the distance from the center. However, the trend is changing with the introduction of domestic air services. Visiting Mongar at this point in time will definitely be taking an unbeaten path. There are some important historical sites to visit. Drametse Monastery, built in the 16th century by the daughter of Bhutan’s Treasure revealer Terton Pema Lingpa, is one important pilgrimage site. A famous dance called the “Dance of the Drums” is performed at this monastery. The dance is registered in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Another important site is Aja Ney. Here you can see 100 ‘Aa’ syllables on a rock. It is a site blessed by Guru Rinpoche and a major attraction of Mongar. Visiting this place involves hiking and if you wish you could also do camping. The district also offers cultural intricacies. You could be part of some ancient cultural traditions being preserved in the form of ways people live and festivals they celebrate.