Meet Our Team


The Raven Bhutan team stands united and committed in our cause to become the best service provider in the country.

As a leading tour operator with more than a decade of experience, we never cease to challenge ourselves to strive for excellence. We believe that we can enliven the experience of all our clients by adding a personal touch to each tour program and we are always trying new ways to share Bhutan with the outside world.

Deepak Tamang – CEO
The man behind Raven Bhutan and its founder, CEO Deepak Tamang, is the force behind the company. He always inspires. It is his personal zeal and determination to make Raven Bhutan the best service provider in the entire country.
Manager Accounts
Dechen Wangmo – Manager Tshering Zam – Accountant
Dechen has a knack of solving all problems with a smile. She makes everything happen. She keeps life going in the office. Nothing can happen if Tshering is not up for it. She is the boss. She keeps the cheque book healthy, wealthy and wise. And she does it well.
Reservation Ticketing
Dechen Zam – Reservation Manager Jit Bahadur – Ticketing
She is the ambassador of Raven Bhutan. Dechen has the arduous task of offering the best of services to all our clients. He is the guy who gets it done. Tight dates and tight schedules is his daily call but he manages it all.