How to go to Bhutan

Getting to Bhutan

Travellers can enter Bhutan by Air or by road. All travellers need a visa to enter Bhutan. Visa on entry is provided for citizens of India, the Maldives and Bangladesh. Citizens of all other countries need a visa to enter Bhutan and we at Raven Tours provide all our clients with a prior visa.

Entering Bhutan by Air

All inbound and outboard flights to and from Bhutan are through the international airport in Paro, in western Bhutan, a small adjacent town about one-hour drive from capital Thimphu.

There are daily flights between Bangkok and Paro. Other connected destinations are Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Bodh Gaya in India; Dhaka in Bangladesh; Kathmandu in Nepal, and Singapore.

Within Bhutan, domestic air services connect Paro to Gelephu in South-central Bhutan, Bumthang in Central Bhutan and Yonphula in eastern Bhutan. But you are recommended to contact us at in advance if you intend to avail the domestic air services.

Entering Bhutan by Land

Tourists can enter Bhutan by land through the three main border towns (all bordering India) of Phuentsholing, Gelephu, and SamdrupJongkhar.

The town in Phuentsholing borders the Indian state of West Bengal and is generally known as the gateway to Bhutan. It lies about 170 km from the Indian airport in Bagdogra and it is about four-hour drive through the Indian plains. It takes about six hours to drive to capital Thimphu from Phuentsholing. This town can also be an exit town for outbound tourists.

Like Phuentsholing, Gelephu town acts like the gateway to the country for central Bhutan. It borders the Indian state of Assam. It takes about 10 hours to drive to capital Thimphu from this town.

The small town of SamdrupJongkhar is the gateway to eastern Bhutan. It lies about 100 km from the Indian airport in Guwahati. This town also acts as an exit town for tourists.