HaaShrouded by mysteries Haa is the western most district. People of Haa venerate and seek protection from their local warrior deity called ApChundu. An annual shamanistic festival is held to honor the deity. People practice shamanistic traditions alongside Buddhist practices.

It is interesting that people of Haa celebrate New Year called Lomba much earlier than people of other districts. Their New Year falls way before the one according to other calendars. During the Lomba the people prepare a special dish called Hoentoy. It is a dumpling made of buckwheat flour containing dried green turnip, onion, ginger, garlic, and cabbage. On the new-year, children and adults go from household to household singing and wishing luck and prosperity. The households give them money and grains in return.

Most tourists visit Haa and come back to either Paro or Thimphu. You can get to the Haa valley via two routes: one passing a mountain Pass called Chelila. From here you can enjoy the view of the valleys of Paro and Haa. Most tourists choose cycling tour to Haa. The other route passes through small villages and thick forests.