GangteyGangtey (Altitude: 2800m/ 9240ft above sea level)

Gangtey is a glacial valley in Wangduephodrang district. The place is the winter roosting ground of a rare species of bird called the Black-necked Cranes. The birds migrate from Tibet in the winter. To honor the arrival of these migratory birds, the communities of Gantey organize a popular Black-necked Crane Festival on the 11th November every year.

If you visit Gangtey, you might like to see species of orchids and do biking, hiking and sightseeing. The place is very conducive for these activities.

You could also have some spiritual element in your trip. You will be able to visit Gangtey monastery. It is the seat of one of the major sects of Buddhism called Peling. Here the tradition of Peling is vibrant.