Low Carbon Package

low-carbon-packagesAt Raven Bhutan, we believe in practicing sustainable tourism. We believe in giving back to the society and we believe in conserving the environment to be an important tool in being a responsible service provider.

As such, we are happy to offer you a low carbon package.

The special features of this package include:

  1. 1. An overnight stay in a local farmhouse where you will experience the hospitality of a traditional Bhutanese family
  2. 2. All vegetables cooked during the farm stay will be organic and local
  3. 3. One day of your trip will comprise only vegetable meals (we believe a collective drive by all tour operators to do this could bring in a lot of positive results)
  4. 4. To visit one school and interact with the nature club of the school. Interactions with the students bring in a win-win result. If you wish you can also contribute to the school.


Feel free to contact us at inquiry@ravenbhutan.com for more details.

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