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Bhutan is the country that gave the world the development philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH). It has always advocated for a society where progress and development could be measured through collective happiness of the people and not merely through materialistic pursuit of wealth and what it connotes.

As such, Raven Bhutan is happy to provide this special tour package called GNH Tours.

Through this tour, we hope to tell Bhutan’s story to the world. We will let you interact with local GNH experts and we would also wish you meet people from all spectrum of life and not just academic GNH experts who would then only give you academic repertoire of their experiences.

The main aim of these tours is for you to ask yourself: what does happiness mean to me?

It would be a meaningful trip for you if your trip to Bhutan were an eye opener for you. It would be a meaningful trip if your trip to Bhutan told you what your priorities in life are and whether you need to review it.

For example, when you explore happiness, you explore yourself and your own ideas of happiness. It could be a simple concept like spending your free time. What is your idea of the best way to spend your free time? Is it all by yourself, with your family members, with your friends, in a charity home, in an orphanage or do you have any idea or finally have you even thought about it?

So this trip is designed to help you challenge your own ideas of happiness, of your ideas of life itself.

Visit Bhutan and take this Special GNH Tour and give yourself the opportunity to explore a new world of happiness.

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