Exclusive Himalayan Fly Fishing Tours

Bhutan has a very rich fresh water river system. Most of the rivers are fed by glacier melt water from the Himalayas. The Bhutanese economy is greatly depended on the natural river system, which feeds some major hydropower projects and hydropower is the single largest sector bringing the highest revenue to the government of Bhutan. Most of the rivers in Bhutan flow north to south and drain into the Indian plans of Assam and West Bengal in India.

The main indigenous fish in Bhutanese rivers include the Himalayan trout (Bariliusspp) and Mahasheer (Tor spp). The exotic brown trout (Salmotrutta) is also common in some streams and rivers in Bhutan although the species was introduced in Bhutan.

Fishing is highly regulated in Bhutan and commercial fishing from the rivers is not allowed in Bhutan although there are commercial fish farms. During the non-breeding season, the government allows sport-fishing permits for certain areas along the rivers. As such, fishing in natural rivers of Bhutan is exclusive and not many tourists who visited Bhutan would have had this exclusive experience.

At Raven Tours, we provide our clients with this exclusive experience of flyfishing in the virgin Bhutanese rivers. We take care of all fishing permits for you and we combine this experience with a cultural tour of this kingdom of Happiness. You only need to book with us and we provide you this amazing experience.

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