Bhutan Butterfly Tours

Bhutan has a very rich natural biodiversity and it is a delight for butterfly enthusiasts. Despite being a small country the size of Singapore, Bhutan has about 900 species of butterfly and moth species. It is a huge number given the fact that the whole of North America has 679 species and Europe has only 440 species. Moreover, experts are still discovering new species of Butterfly and Moths in Bhutan and it is only a matter of time that the species count reaches the four-figure mark.

Of the 900 species in Bhutan, 28 species are endemic to the eastern Himalayas. In Bhutan, butterflies are sighted all over the country and with more than 70 percent of the country’s land area under forest cover, the greenery around makes Bhutan a haven for butterflies to thrive. Some rare species are found even in urban areas and it has even been spotted in elevations of more than 5500 meters.

Some butterflies in Bhutan include the Red-spot Jezebel, Hill Jezebel, Red-base Jezebel, Yellow Coaster, Striped Tiger, Dark Blue tiger, Green Sapphire, Blue Pansy, Red Lacewing, Blue Admiral, Common Blue Apollo, Sixbar Swordtail, Glassy Bluebottle, Tailed Jay, Veined Jay, Common Mormon, Common Peacock, Paris Peacock, Blue Peacock, Spangle, Red breast, Red Helen, Indian Cabbage White, Large Cabbage White, Common Gull, Lesser Gull and many others. The Bhutan Glory and the Kaiser-I-Hind are internationally protected under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

The monsoonal months of July till October is a very good time to sight butterflies in Bhutan. At Raven Tours, we customize butterfly tours in consultation with our clients and we have local butterfly experts to accompany groups.

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