Bird Watching Tours in Bhutan

This well known Bird Watching Tours in Bhutan will provide you an opportunity to watch 8,399 birds. Find the itinerary, best time to watch and package details. There are nearly about 675 species of birds that you can see only in Bhutan including White Bellied Heron, Grey Bellied Tragopan, Rumped Honey Guide etc.

Story behind Bird Watching

An American diplomat and one of the world’s top five birders, Mr. Peter G. Kaestner, visited Bhutan in 2009 on a mission. He was on a personal quest to sight two of his life birds – the White-bellied Heron (Ardeainsignis),and the Fulvous Parrotbill (Paradoxornisfulvifrons). Mr.Kaestner sighted both birds in Punakha in one and half days.

A local bird photographer in Bhutan who accompanied MrKaestner later said, “Elsewhere in the world, it would be years before one can sight one’s life bird, if at all.” By 2011, Mr. Kaestner, had an impressive record of having a life list of 8,399 birds.

Bhutan has the largest recorded number of the White-bellied Heron, the most rare of the heron species in the world listed ‘critically endangered’. There are about 24 birds in Bhutan while its global population is not expected to be more than 200.

An unpublished United National Environmental Program (UNEP) species data of 2004 (it remains the most recent data available on a global scale) show country of Colombia to have the most species of birds in the world with 1,821. This data ranks Bhutan 53rd in the world with 625 bird species. The exact species count varies according to different sources. Bird experts here have always juggled to narrow down to an exact number. BirdLife International, the world’s largest nature conservation partnership, records 609 bird species in Bhutan. The Tourism Council of Bhutan claims the number is 670 while local experts claim the number could go up to 1,000 and possibly more which is comparable to the combined population of 925 species found in all of USA and Canada.

Bhutan has more than 70 percent of its land area under forest cover and given the small size of the country, sighting birds is relatively easier in Bhutan than even in countries with much bigger species count. Few global bird experts have also branded the area between Sengore and Yongkola region in Mongar in Eastern Bhutan as the birding capital of the world.

Bird Watching Tours

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