Bhutan Cultural Facts

Culture and TraditionCulture and tradition are deep rooted in the daily lives of the Bhutanese, and is evident in the musics, sports, paintings,festivals, food, dress and etc.
Visit any household, and the first thing you would be offered is tes. well, consistent refusal isn’t worth trying, for in the end you won’t be sent without a cup. Offering of tea is a practice that pervade all cultures, if not at least ‘ara’, locally brewed spirit.
Zhungdra is the traditional dance and it’s performed on almost all occasions, including sports, especially during an archery game or daegor and khuru (traditional games)Besides zhungdra, there is boedra, and today the most performed and preferred is rigsar ( a mixture of modern and the traditional). As with songs and dances, the national dress gho for men and kira for women, has a modern look to it and is obvious in its intricate designs and patterns.
Bhutanese are very fond of anything hot to taste, and any Bhutanese cuisine is not without chillies added.